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Tiny Homes

Jenifer Levini has been deeply concerned about the housing shortage that has resulted in increased homelessness and the loss of housing mobility, especially in California. She believes that tiny homes are, or can be, a large part of the solution. She began working towards increasing the housing supply in 2013. Frustrated with the many laws that made it impossible to create housing supply she wrote her first book in 2018 (published in 2019) to educate everyone about the draconian laws that made it difficult or impossible to build housing in California. At that time California was the leader in the US in defining a new type of housing called “tiny homes.” “Building, Occupying and Selling Tiny Homes Legally” introduced the world to the path to making tiny homes legal as primary and accessory dwellings. Based on her book, dozens of jurisdictions began changing their laws to make tiny homes legal across the US, and Canada over the last 3 years.

In 2022, another problem was plaguing the burgeoning tiny home industry – scofflaw tiny home builders who were stealing money from trusting tiny home buyers, then not delivering any home, or delivering unsafe and illegal homes.


To protect potential buyers from unsafe builders, she explained how to differentiate good and bad, safe and dangerous homes and how contracts work, among other information they need in “Tiny Home Buyers’ Guide,” available on Amazon as an e-book or paperback. To help the builders understand the laws they must follow in all 50 states, she wrote “Tiny Home Builders’ Legal Handbook,” also available on Amazon.

Join in the tiny adventure in the Bay Area by joining our Meet-up Groups in San Diego

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Jenifer’s interviews explaining tiny homes laws are available on “Understanding the Legal Landscape with Jenifer Levini,” for tiny home builders by subscription from and recorded along with 30 other tiny home experts available via an all access pass to the Mega Tiny House Summit held in November 2022.

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