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Businesses & Corporate Law

Our goal is to provide businesses that buy, sell or hold real estate with high-quality, affordable legal help that makes sense for your business strategy. We handle a wide range of business services including:

  • Selecting and forming business entities (LLC, Corporations & Non-Profit, in California B-Corps, …)

  • Choosing the right entity

  • Structure, draft effective LLC operating agreements

  • Guidance forming and operating California LLCs

  • Operating agreements (long and short)

  • Issuing and transferring membership interests

  • Operations, and operation of foreign LLC in California (from another state)

  • Liquidating and dissolving LLCs

  • Tax consideration

  • Limiting family claims

  • Structured buy outs

  • Partnerships

  • Is this the right entity for your business?

  • Planning General and Limited Partnerships

  • Issuing partnership interests

  • Dissolution & unwinding partnerships

  • Contracts

  • Enforceability and challenging enforceability

  • Preliminary considerations

  • Negotiating & writing business agreements

  • Consideration, covenants, conditions, recitals, representations and warranties

  • Operational contracts

  • Company policy

  • Non-disclosure & confidentiality agreements

  • Public/municipal issues, licensing and permitting with the City, County or State of California

  • Negotiations & many more!

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