I’m not sure what the female equivalent is of a mensch, but you’re that person.  I so appreciate youYou’ve been looking out for me from the start…  So again, thank you.


Jennifer A.

Jenifer a patient listener, no-nonsense in her approach, and wouldn’t advocate or upsell options that were not in the clients’ best interest.

Brian B.

Jenifer is a business and real estate lawyer who knows her stuff and who I trust. She provided realistic guidance around some legal questions and also reviewed, and produced, documents and contracts (simple to complex). Jenifer is an effective advocate, and her bills are entirely reasonable. Highly recommended

Jack D.

As if by magic, Jenifer Levini turned a looming disaster in my life back into a dream like Oasis.
Because of this, I am forever grateful for Ms. Levini’s legal counsel.
Ms. Levini fought tooth & nail for me regarding my matter and achieved the desired results I wanted, when previously due to my experience with other attorneys thought those positive results would never be realized.
Ms. Levini was the fourth attorney I retained regarding my matter. The previous three attorneys didn’t do squat, and actually caused my matter more harm than good. But thank God for Jenifer Levini. Just when everything regarding my matter started to feel nothing but hopeless, the heavens smiled upon me and put me in touch with Ms. Levini. Ms. Levini immediately took the bull by the horns and began righting all the wrongs that had been plaguing my case for almost 2 years.

Ron D.

I am a homeowner and needed professional, legal advice regarding an Eviction process and my rights as a landlord. Jenifer was an invaluable resource for me at a time when I felt more vulnerable and helpless than I ever had. Jenifer answered my phone call and immediately calmed my nerves and took the time to have a lengthy discussion about my situation. She made me feel understood and heard. Hiring Jenifer was the best thing I could have ever done; my husband and I couldn’t have done any of this process without her. She is well versed on the subject of real estate law and the Eviction process. She walked us through steps of drafting up a new property agreement, which was more thorough and specific to our property. We highly recommend Jenifer at Levini Law for legal help and advice regarding any real estate issues. She was wonderful!

Alison C.

Jenifer is amazing! We spent 30 mins on the phone during my first call with her (for free) and she took the time to explain everything in detail. You can tell she really cares about her clients.

Paul W.

I contacted Jenifer regarding neighbor encroachment & harassment. My initial contact with her was fantastic – it’s obvious Jenifer’s soul was made for the career she’s in. But what set her apart from the other legal representatives I contacted was her outright and upfront integrity. She never pressured me in to signing a retainer, nor did she promise me the moon and the stars. As I said, Jenifer was up front, matter of fact and genuinely interested in my concerns and well-being. Out of the gate, Jenifer was prepared and ready to go to bat for me.
People like Jennifer don’t happen very often

John D.

I am a real estate investor. I purchased a lot in a community with a Homeowner’s Association, and soon got a huge bill from the HOA for a lien incurred by the previous owner (a lien that should have been invalidated by my having purchased it at a tax deed sale). Telephone calls and emails weren’t getting the HOA to back down. Jenifer helped me write a letter that got their attention. She clearly explained the problems and the desired solution, in terms that allowed me to have a positive ongoing relationship with the HOA. They responded immediately to the letter, fixed the problem, and sent me a revised invoice minus the lien. It was great to know that Jenifer had my back and steered me to a positive resolution.


Carol V.

Jennifer was super helpful.  I have an issue with an easement.  Jennifer took the time to explain my options and was very helpful

Mike S.

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